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In Guatemala there are a lot of information provided for mobiles devices nowadays it’s too easy to get a device in the country,  the telecommunications companies make the way easy to get it. You can see in the newspaper and the TV information about crimes. It’s often the people use the Social Media to publish all about the crimes.

The San Carlos University of Guatemala beings with a project about the citizen safety the name of the project is GuateSegura which one is about the citizen safety through mobiles Android devices.

The Android application was publish on June 24, 2014; The users of the application can send a crime report with GPS coordinates to indicate the place where the crime was and the information is storage in a Main Server on the Internet, all users of the application can access it and they can see in different views that information.

The Android application gives indicator about dangerous zones in the country also has a recent list of crimes with pictures to see more details. In other countries like Colombia and Mexico, the mobile technology make easy way to the police to identify the most dangerous zones and the citizen can make an official crime report trough those application.

GuateSegura is a mobile application of the San Carlos University with a medium term to become in an example how to the technology is helpful and make easy the communication between governmental entities and citizens.